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1. Win money but the Bookie choose not to pay?

You're in the right place, we're very familiar with bookies of all types. You're expected pay on losses but then you're stiffed or get the run around when you're owed money. We can help!

2. Got a paper trail?

Our team will need some type of communication between you and the bookie. Whether email, text message, or recorded call. If you do not have that yet we can work on that.

3. What's the fee to help recover your money?

Every case is unique. Typically, my team and I work stricutly off commission.

4. What if your case goes to arbitration?

Relax, I've been successful in arbitration many times. You'll be represented from start to finish by myself and my team! We know the industry and the law much better than your bookie.!

5. Why do we help bettors recover funds from bookmakers?

Simple, we understand how many bettors find doors slammed in their face when they attempt and no place to turn to when they're bookie treats them unfairly. My team and I offers strictly bettors the fair representation needed to recoup what's rightfully owed to them.

6. "But Joe my bookie's a real tough guy."

Fact is, bookies are tough guys when they're able to hide and intimidate a little guy in the shadows. Once they realize YOU have a lawyer who'll represent you to the full extent of they law they choose to settle.Trust me, my team and I have saw it all. You're in good safe hands!

7. "But Joe, my bookie said I'll get in trouble for betting."

Listen, I've heard it all. Your bookmaker does NOT understand the law. My team and I do. We've successfully leveraged the law and bookies have paid their clients as a result.